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The ARTU-USA line of tools is perfect for everyone from the professional to the do-it-yourself. We are a leading distributor of high quality cutting tools specializing in tungsten carbide cutting hand tools and tungsten carbide and cobalt cutting accessories such as our Multi-Purpose Drill Bits, Precision Multi-Purpose Drill Bits, Cobalt Drill Bits, SDS Drill Bits, PORC+ Tile Bits, Concrete Screw Bits, Spline Shanks, Tungsten Carbide Grit Hole Saws and Tungsten Carbide Grit Saw Blades.

ARTU's signature product, the Multi-Purpose Drill Bit, has been sold worldwide for nearly four decades. In 1979 ARTU-USA's partner company, ARTU GmbH, was founded in Dortmund, Germany and ten years later, in 1989, the ARTU brand expanded to the United States with the creation of ARTU-USA, Inc. The company, located in Aberdeen, NC, is a certified woman-owned small business.

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