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It all began nearly a century ago when Frost King introduced the nation’s first do-it-yourself weatherstripping kit. That simple kit, just 17 feet of felt carpet strips and some nails, managed to single handedly ignite America’s “Do-It-Yourself” revolution.

Since that time, Frost King has expanded to help you save money and energy in just about every corner of your home. During the winter, Frost King products will keep the cold air out, insulate your pipes and protect your rooftops from freezing snow. In the summer, Frost King keeps gutters clean, protects your home from leaks, and cuts air conditioning costs.

Today, Frost King remains the #1 brand of packaged weatherstripping and along with pipe and duct insulation, our floor and carpet trim and a host of other DIY home improvement products, Frost King will keep your home comfortable far into the future. Frost King is available at more than 10,000 hardware stores nationwide and at many home improvement retailers worldwide.

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